This Is Your Chance To Buy Real Estate With None Of Your Own Money!

Get Your Real Estate Deals

Funded 100% by Other People!

  • No experience needed

  • No credit check

  • No income verification

  • No tax returns

  • No rehab escrow

  • No monthly interest payments

  • No age requirements

  • 100% purchase and rehab funded

Build Wealth Using Other People's Money!

Do you want to OWN real estate but don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your own bank account?

Do you already have deal flow that YOU want to buy but you don't have the money to fund the deal?

Are you ready to BUILD WEALTH through real estate using other people's money?

Do you want to own real estate

but don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your own bank account?

Do you have deal flow already that YOU want to buy but you don't have the money to fund the deal?

Are you ready to build WEALTH

through real estate by actually OWNING the assets?

Private Money Secrets is here to solve your money problems

You get Austin Rutherford's proven system on how he has raised $20,000,000+ of other people's money!

Private Money Secrets will teach you...

Meet Your Coach

Austin Rutherford

Austin has been investing in real estate for nearly a decade! He raised $250,000 at the age of 21 years old to fund his first flip which he sold 4 days after his 22nd birthday profiting $107,000 in NET profit to him!

He has since gone on to raise $20,000,000+ of other people's money that has allowed him to flip hundreds of houses making millions of dollars AND built a $20,000,000+ rental portfolio all using other people's money!

If You Want To Use Other People's Money to Buy Real Estate, Private Money Secrets Is For You!

Private Money Secrets is for anyone looking to get into real estate or already in real estate! Raising money is the KEY to actually building WEALTH through real estate! Wholesaling and flipping houses may get you "Rich" but you will NEVER be "Wealthy"! Start OWNING assets today using other people's money!

What’s Included? 

Your Credibility Packet

Austin, how am I suppose to raise money without much experience? #1 is to understand private money, you will get the "How to" from the 20+ hours of video content. #2 You will also get Austin's Credibility Packet you can use to go raise money!

5 Ways Lenders Can Access Money To Lend To You

The most important part of raising money is being able to TEACH others how to access money. Austin shows you 5 ways you can help other people access funds to lend to you!

All Of The Documents You Will Need

What contracts and documents do you use when working with private money lenders?  

Whether you are borrowing personally, through a business, escrowing the rehab funds, or getting all of the rehab funds day one, all of the documents you need to raise money are included!

Conversation Starters To Raise Money

To raise private money for your real estate deals you will have to talk to people. You will have access to Austin's scripts on how he has raised funds from private money lenders.

10+ Hours Of Bonus Content

You get exclusive access to some of Austin's high level coaching calls with his students. These calls discuss raising private money, refinancing your deals to keep as rentals, and how to become bankable when you start keeping rental properties!

Real Calls With Austin And His Private Money Lenders

You get access to LIVE calls with Austin and his private money lenders so you understand how conversations actually flow!

What Other People Have Said About Private Money Secrets


Do I need good credit or income to use private money?

NO! That is the GREAT part about raising private money! There are no background checks, no credit checks, no income verification checks.

Can I use private money for my first deal?

Yes! Austin raised $244,000 for his first deal at 21 years old. There is no experience requirement or age limit requirement. ANYONE can use private money.

Can I really get 100% of my deals funded?

Yes! When Austin raises money for his deals, he gets 100% of the purchase and 100% of the rehab funded by other people

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds available.

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